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Tips On Outsourcing IT Projects For Your Business

IT project management

There will be times when you need to outsource an IT or related project for your company. It could be the restructuring of your website, or it could be the online marketing of your new website. There are so many areas of IT that many of us cannot do ourselves. Outsourcing is a delicate task because you are using your resources for a specific goal, and you are relying on others to get it done. (more…)

Sun, October 19 2014 » Project Management »

Lightweight Concrete Production

lightweight concrete production

1. Introduction to light weight concrete

Lightweight concrete is mainly used as back-filling material. When talking about lightweight concrete, we refer to a concrete of which its specific gravity (density) is much more lower than normal concrete. (more…)

Sat, October 18 2014 » Civil Engineering »

What Makes a Good Engineer?

Construction Engineer

Engineers are crucial for the smooth running of a country’s industry and services. They are well-versed in mechanical terminology and rise to the challenge posed by complex problem-solving tasks. If you’re considering a career as an engineer or would like to improve your engineering skills, read on for some simple tips for success. (more…)

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