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Silica Fume in Concrete

silica fume in concrete

Silica fume is not a new product by one company but is a major raw material that has been available over 40 years. Silica fume has become the world standard for chloride corrosion situations and also to improve dramatically the water tightness of concrete structures. (more…)

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Construction Project Manager

Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager is a qualified individual with a degree in construction management, civil engineering or construction science. Being in charge of construction projects, he has to ensure that the entire project is completed on time, without exceeding budgetary limits. It is a high pressure job. The manager has complete control and is responsible for everything related to the construction project. (more…)

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Introduction to Construction Management

Construction Manager

1. What does a Construction Manager do

Construction managers do a lot in thinking and planning, making every project component organized. (more…)

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