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Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Benefits

People have been using various forms of solar energy devices for a long time because it is obviously there for the taking. Just take a good look at consumer electronics if you want to get a glimpse of clever applications for solar power. The convenient aspect of this technology is you can just test the waters by trying smaller solar powered applications. If you are curious to know what you can gain from solar energy, then this article can help you. (more…)

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Choose a Project Management Course

project management courses

A project management course provides training in the techniques and processes that are used when managing a large, complex project. This training is generic in nature, and can be applied to a range of industries and projects, from information technology software installations to building a skyscraper. (more…)

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Evaluation and acceptance of Shotcrete

shotcrete acceptance

Shotcrete Acceptance Criteria

Final acceptance of shotcrete will be based on compressive strength  results obtained from cores of test panels and shotcrete placement. In addition, all accepted shotcrete shall conform to the Execution and Material requirements set forth in this and other applicable sections, and initial and final set requirements. (more…)

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