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Construction Planning

Construction Plan

The development of a construction plan is very much analogous to the development of a good facility design. The planner must weigh the costs and reliability of different options while at the same time insuring technical feasibility. (more…)

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Green Building Standards

Green Building Standards

Green building standards focus on making residential and commercial buildings more environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthier for their occupants. Many builders and designers are implementing green building standards into their designs to create buildings that use environmentally friendly materials, are highly energy efficient and have excellent air quality. The US has been slow to adopt green building standards, possibly due to the abundance of cheap energy and building materials, but with the growing popularity of “greening,” it is becoming more and more of a mainstream practice. (more…)

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Project Management

project management

Project Management is the procedure of systematizing and managing resources in such a way that these resources deliver and execute the task required to accomplish a project within a defined range, time, and cost constraint. (more…)

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